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Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors take all shapes and forms.  The key is whether or not it is a heavy glass shower enclosure.  Some require headers while others do not.  We can direct you to find the most appropriate and highest quality application that works with your budget.  The categories below will help narrow your search.

90 Degree No Header

The 90 degree frameless shower enclosure with no header is typically only possible when there is a full wall to hinge the door off of unless you are taking the door to a tiled ceiling or header, though there are some exceptions to the rule.

90 Degree With a Header

The frameless 90 degree with a header is still a frameless heavy glass enclosure with all the maintenance and beauty benefits of a unit without a header.  The difference is that if the unit does not go to a tiled ceiling or header and there is not a full wall to hinge off of a header will usually be required.  Also, in the situation where there is an oversized panel it is often the case that a header is required for unit stability.

Door and Inline no header

The frameless door and inline panel shower enclosure with no header has 2 basic set ups.  The door can hinge on a full wall for a clean and economical set up or you can hinge the door off of the in-line panel for special circumstances but the cost goes up as well as the amount of hardware showing on the door and it has certain limitations on size and weight.

Door and Inline with a header

Sometimes it is best to install a door and inline panel frameless shower enclosure with a header either for stability due to an oversized panel or because of function or maybe it's just plain and simple piece of mind.

Neo-angle Shower Eclosures

A neo-angle shower enclosure will almost always have a header on it unless there is a full wall to hinge the door on or if the door is going to a tiled ceiling.